Kyra Capitan (Biology)
Kyra is a rising sophomore at Navajo Technical University who is majoring in Biology and planning to pursue a Doctor degree in Veterinary Medicine. In their free time, Kyra also enjoys riding horses.

Jonathan Chinana (Electrical Engineering)
Jonathan is a first-generation student at Navajo Technical University. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is in his sophomore year. Jonathan likes speaking in the third person, he doesn’t like boring conversations. He loves playing pool while listening to Tool.

Michael Nelwood
Michael Nelwood is a student at Navajo Technical University majoring in Biology.
Project: Electrochemical Detection Using Paper or Thread Diagnostics

Joshua Platero (Biology)
Joshua is a Navajo from Crownpoint NM. He is a junior in the biology program at Navajo Technical University. He has two kids and has been married for 8 years. Upon graduating, he wants to continue his education and receive a doctorate degree in physical therapy

Breanna Thompson (Biology)
Breanna was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Crownpoint, NM. She is a continuing student at Navajo Technical University in the Biology program. Her goals are to continue her career past graduate school, ultimately gaining all the experience she can in order to bring it back to better her community. In her free time she like to spend time with friends and family, cook, go out, travel, read and relax.

Robinson Tom (Biology)


Apryl Begay (Animal Sciences)
Apryl is from Crownpoint, NM. She was raised with animals all her life and her major is Animal Science. She wants to go to Veterinary School and give back to the Navajo Nation.